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The bus from Split to Dubrovnik was a long one, but it was full of nice views of the coastline. There was also a nice sunset as we arrived in the city, but I didn’t get a picture of it because my window was weird. But it’s Croatia, so there’s plenty of sunsets to be had.The first night I ate at a great Indian restaurant, called Indian Restaurant (no points for creativity there), and had a lentil soup and rice that made me very happy. I met a girl there who was also traveling so we had a beer and decided to go to Lokrum, the island just off the coast of Dubrovnik the next day.

So that’s what we did. It’s just a 10-minute shuttle. This was supposed to be a well or something. Not a great start, Lokrum.

This is a well
Maybe it’s an alien thing

A lot of the walk is just around the coastline, which is quite nice all the way around. Most of it isn’t this high, but maybe go cliff-jumping if it’s a bit warmer.


On the map of the island, this attraction was called “rocks”. It was aptly named, hence the rocks.

They were actually pretty cool

This is known as the “dead sea pool” in the middle of the island. We waded in it for a bit, but it was quite cold. But it was green and scenic, so good enough.

Inlet/harbor thing
Dead because you’ll die it’s so cold

This is more typical of the coastline. Pretty green water, chill out where you want, and swim or whatever.

Boats and island and stuff
Boats and island and harbor and stuff

There was also a building on there. It was pretty run-down though.

Old building
Probably an unnecessary picture

This island also has tons of peacocks on it. I don’t know why, but they’re here. And they’re very friendly. Strutting around and whatnot. This one was especially friendly, while most of the others like to hide in the shade so you can’t get a good picture.

Not intimidated

There are also lots of bunnies. Also friendly, but not quite so much.

Silly rabbit, ferns are for kids

Here’s another nook I felt compelled to take a picture of. But you essentially get your own little private bay.

Swimming beach area
How nice is that?

Then you can climb up to the top of Fort Royal, the fort in the middle of the island. The following couple pictures are the views from there. It’s rather unspectacular on the actual inside of the fort. The room we found had broken, plastic patio furniture in it. Nice job, tourism board.

View from the fortress
This is what trees and water and a rocky coast looks like
View from the fortress
This is what it looks like if you turn towards the city a little
View of Dubrovnik from fortress
And this is the actual view of Dubrovnik

There were a lot of other cool things on the island. We skipped the nude beach, but there were olive groves and gardens, as well as a Game of Thrones mini-museum about all the scenes shot on the island and in Croatia (it’s a popular filming place).

That night I once again randomly ran into two guys I met in Split (for the 3rd time), and we had a drink and watched the sunset on a cliffside bar. Later, I snuck out on the wall from my apartment and took a picture of the sunset (well, after the sunset).

View from my place
View from my place

Then, when I was going back down to old town to meet a couple people for dinner, I met a girl standing in front of a closed hostel quite confused about her situation. So I took her back down to the main area and to the hostel most people were staying at. Worked out well, as she was fairly pleasant, so she came with us to dinner then with me and Elias to have a couple drinks.

Not to continue bragging about the views from my apartment, but this one was taken around 6:30am the next morning. A sunrise out the other window, along with Lokrum (visited earlier, as you saw), the old town wall, and the coastline in the distance.

Sunrise out my window
Sunrise out my window

After the lovely sunrise and making myself breakfast, I met lost girl and a guy from that hostel to hike up to the stronghold overlooking the city. This provided great views, despite the Japanese guy stopping to take about 1000 pictures along the way.

View from a walk up the fort
View from a walk up the fort
View from a walk up the fort
View from a walk up the fort
View from the fort
View from the fort

There was also a museum at the top that covered a lot of the Croatian war. I didn’t know much about it, and it was OK, so now I know a little bit more than not much, which is something I guess.

We then extended our hike to the little park that overlooks Fort Lovrijenac and the old town. 2 for 1 special.

View of the palace and the city walls
View of the palace and the city walls

And then we went to Banje Beach in the early afternoon to do a bit of swimming and catch some sun. Lost girl had goggles, which was awesome, so you could look in the water and see a lot of fish and such. At the beach, I ran into those two guys randomly for the 4th time, so we hung out for the rest of the day, grabbed a couple drinks and dinner.

Here are a couple pictures I took wandering around tonight with them.

Hello world
You can’t really see anything, but whatever
Hello world
Maybe you can see some houses?
Hello world
Packed with tourists during the day

It’s been a solid couple days in Dubrovnik, but now unfortunately due to my slow travel schedule all the friends I’ve made are now leaving the city. So I don’t know anyone here, but it will allow me the opportunity to get a bunch of work done and plan my sprint down to Greece.

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