Ain’t no use in complainin’ When you’ve got a job to do

In addition to Seattle, it was between Portland and Vancouver, so I decided to go for Vancouver since it will be more difficult to get up there again.  So we went to Vancouver, taking the Victoria Clipper from Seattle to Vancouver.

I made my sister drag her bag like a mile to our AirBnb, which made her angry, but the place ended up being in a nice area.  I remember walking a lot by myself here.  And because I didn’t take pictures, there isn’t much record of it.

But I walked around Stanley Park for a bit, which was quite nice. Great views of the city, which has a very futuristic look to it.  But the homeless problem downtown?  Jeez.

This is not my photo. The trees here are green, not yellow/red.
This is not my photo. The trees here are green, not yellow/red.

I also did the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which was rubbish, but more of a good family activity.  I also went up to Grouse Mountain, but it was cloudy and pretty expensive, so I opted to skip it.  There was a lot more to do in BC there, but we only had a couple days so we didn’t get all the hiking in that we would have preferred.

Then we spent two more days camping on Vancouver Island before getting down to Victoria.  Just more nice wilderness, some basic hikes, and cool campgrounds to stay in.

The big attraction in Victoria was the Butchart Gardens, which we went to.  I just want you to know that I spared you 50 up-close artsy pictures of different roses from my sister’s photo montage. So be thankful for that. But here are two pictures of what you can see there:

Flowers just being flowers
When rich housewives get hobbies

Other than that, we just kind of shilled out in Victoria before taking the Clipper back down to Seattle.  Joyce had one more night in Seattle before returning, so I left her on her own and she seemed to survive just fine.

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