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There is always something left to love

People complain about Bogota, saying it’s dangerous and there isn’t much to do, but I actually enjoyed it (maybe just because they had good WiFi and normal city things). I stayed the first few nights in a hostel in La Candelaria, the more touristy area. A couple girls tried to steal my bottom bunk the first night, and I had none of it, as I’m an old, seasoned traveler that doesn’t fall for those cute girl shenanigans anymore. I’ll die alone in my lovely bottom bunk, thank you very much. But anyways, overall very nice people, a couple vegetarian restaurants close by, and mostly walkable. Continue reading There is always something left to love

¿Plata o Plomo?

I’ve been living in this apartment in Medellín for about 6 weeks, tallying about two months total in Medellín, which I think is the longest I’ve lived anywhere in a few years. The theory was it would be good to have some more consistency and become part of a community a bit more. Which makes sense in theory, but I think you actually need to make an effort to engage with the community for it to work. Continue reading ¿Plata o Plomo?

He did not dare approach her for fear of destroying the spell

Ok, so I actually stayed in Panama City for a few more days. And I went for a walk along another thing and took some pictures of it. It had a lot of water, and yachts, and pelicans, and a view of the city. There are some little islands in “Panama Bay” or something. It has a little wildlife reserve too. Continue reading He did not dare approach her for fear of destroying the spell