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Closed out the Ring Road in preparation for the boat trip to Denmark. It was a lot of coastline driving, and we drove up into the foggy mountains for a bit as well. Very nice landscapes, etc, and then eventually made it to Seydisfjordur a bit early so we could relax before the trip.

Still didn't see any seals
Still didn’t see any seals
The water looks like water
Some calm water. And ducks. And almost even the sun.
I can't even see what this picture is
I can’t even see what this picture is
A view of something
Panoramic view of the top of some mountain heading to Seydisfjordur
The final waterfall, in Seydisfjordur
The final waterfall, in Seydisfjordur

The morning before we left I took the car North for clear skies at 4am and got to see a vibrant aurora borealis show. I then dropped the car off in Egilsstaðir and took a bus back to Seydisfjordur to catch the boat.

This was the view looking back at Iceland.

Goodbye Iceland
It’s a hawk ship.
View from the top deck as we exit Iceland

I was a little nauteous on the journey.  Dad was very sick and spent most of the first day in bed. But we saw a really bright show from the top deck. I don’t know what the deal with my phone is, some kind of automatic adjustment filter, but it doesn’t take sky pictures well. Earlier ones didn’t turn out at all, but for whatever reason this one was bright enough to give me a small streak even though there was a bright light. Just Google pictures of the northern lights if you want to see them.

At least it’s proof that I saw some.

The next day we landed in the Faroe Islands, and I spent much of the day there just wandering around.  Went to a nice cafe on the harbor called Kaffi Husid.  Just got some work one and relaxed there.

View of Torshavn from the boat.
Harbor in Torshavn
More Faroe Islands views.

I also went to Café Natúr for a beer and to use their WiFi. It was right by the boat, and a relaxed atmosphere to get some work done and sip on a beer. Next time you’re in the Faroe Islands, definitely check out those places.

The rest of the ferry ride went much more smoothly, saw some more lights, and just kind of hung out and worked. But the wireless was really slow and I had work to do, so I was perpetually perturbed and couldn’t really relax.

Landed in Denmark, took a bus to a train to another train to another train to another train to another train which got us all the way through Denmark and into Hamburg. Where we took another train to our hotel.

Then we went to Hofbräuhaus, the same company that I went to in Munich but this one was in Hamburg. Drank some big beers, and there were still some aftershocks of Oktoberfest with people several beers ahead of us, dancing and singing on tables, and in general having a great time (live band too).

Dad enjoyed his beers

Due to train issues, we couldn’t get all the way to Paris as planned unless we wanted to pay a fortune, so we took a train to Cologne and hung out there for about 4 hours (dad got to see the Cathedral and part of the main part of town), and then a night bus to Paris. Not the most comfortable and sorry to put my dad through it, but we saved a lot of money on transportation and didn’t have to book a hotel for the night.

The bus arrived two hours late, around 9am in Paris, but at least we made it.

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