Path on Howth

History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.

So I’m used to hostel breakfasts which are just toast, maybe some cereal, and tea. The hotel breakfast had all those things, plus juice, and fruit, and yogurt, and croissants, and you got to order something (so I got scrambled eggs). It felt weird, being waited on.

But anyways, my room is situated so that I actually get a pretty nice view of the Irish sea.

Marine Hotel
The sky is blue something must be wrong.

Because I sat around and didn’t do anything last night, I was forced to work this morning. But I made good progress on a project that has been delayed for weeks, so that’s good. At around 1pm I was able to take the DART out to Howth, just one station down (there weren’t any hotels available out there when I booked).

They have a bunch of hiking trails all over Howth Head. I’m not exactly sure what hiking is, but I figured I’d do it. Turns out it’s basically just walking. Not a big difference. Except with hiking, instead of streets and stores there are rocks and trees and cliffs. And it isn’t paved. If you get tired or hurt, instead of taking a bus or a taxi you just die in the woods. And it’s weavier? Or maybe it’s just walking by markers or walking a path that people have made a map of. Whatever a hike is, I went on one and it was lovely.

I could have taken a picture around just about every turn, so I took a few and just quit because there would be too many. But it’s beautiful and I will provide you with a sample. I went on the 3 hour hike that is supposed to be “hard”.  Here are pictures from the first part that I took.

Howth Rock Picture
This is a picture of a rock with water behind it.
Islands in Howth
This is an island and some more water.
Cliffs of Howth
More rocks.
Path on Howth
Coastline “hiking” trail.
Rocky Shoreline
You can climb down there, if you want. I did not.

Peninsula on Howth

Water, rocks, and a house with a helicopter pad.

A little more than halfway through I decided to have a picnic.  It was right by this house with a helicopter pad (above).  Not sure if I was really allowed to be there, but I climbed off the path a bit and found this flat grassy area to enjoy my spread.  I used that fancy panoramic view to take this picture again.

Picnic in Howth
The sun came out which made it look way nicer.

And yes, I said picnic.  It was a very manly picnic though, so it’s cool.  I even had the blanket from my overseas flight to use to picnic on (not pictured).  It consisted of a pack of Irish crisps; an avocado, cheese, and hummus sandwhich in ciabatta; a couple glasses of Green Spot Irish Whiskey; and a Cuban cigar.

Howth Picnic
I forgot a knife so I had to open the avocado with a rock and scoop it out with my peanut butter lid, just like Bear Grylls would have done, making the picnic even manlier.

The walk here was along the coastline; the walk back is through the main part of the… head?  I dunno, it’s called Howth Head.  Anyways, I got the full tour of rocky terrain, pretty bushes, sea views, golf course, all that good stuff.  Here are some selections.

Picture of Ireland
I don’t know man, the picture seemed like a good idea at the time.
Path in Howth
I hiked through lots of stuff like this.
Howth Golf Course
The trail went across the golf course, so I saw a woman try to play golf. They are just as bad in Ireland.
Howth Head Wilderness
More rocks and earthy path things.
Panoramic view
I went all panoramic again. I don’t like things, in general, and even I think this one is worth clicking on to enlarge.

Then I came back to the hotel, did a little work, went for a swim, sat in the sauna, then retired to the bar to watch a futbol match and mess around on my computer.

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