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So Trikala is a nice town. Busy cafe bars, a grocery store, laid back hostel with good WiFi, and overall a good place for me to spend 3 nights and relax. I even got my laundry done, which makes me so happy. There were a couple people there the first night but they left and no one was going to Meteora that day, I decided to chill out a day and see if anyone came to go tomorrow. And 3 people did!

The next day I set out to the Meteora monasteries with two French Canadians and one (regular?) Canadian. Took a taxi to the top and hiked through everything for about 3 hours. A bunch of them were closed, but we were able look inside one of them (but no pictures allowed), and the views were really nice throughout the journey. It was a beautiful day for it, so we were only moderately worried about getting struck by lightning. Here are the pictures I took.

Closed Monastery #1 – the biggest one I think
They built them on the top of these rock columns for some reason
We took a taxi to the top and walked down, because we’re lazy
Monastery #3 of 6
This was the last monastery – the one we went in
This is it from a different angle
I climbed through a crevice in the rocks and got a cool view
This was inside the monastery (but we couldn’t take pictures inside the church)

The monastery closed when we were in there and the gate locked us in. Just as I had come to terms with my new life as a monk, they came out and let us out.

Not sure why they built things in rocks
Looking back up at some of the rocks

Then we sat around and had some coffee at the bottom before taking a bus back to Trikala.

I got a fancy ice cream that night, pistachio something, and it was pretty good. Took a nice stroll among the leaves along the Litheos River on my way to the bus station, where I grabbed a bus to Athens.

Athens is an actual city, with actual city things, which is nice. I bought some fast food I could actually eat – a veggie pita and a cheese pizza slice, so I’ve carbed up again.

I walked up to the Acropolis, but everyone was on strike. Figures. So I walked up the overlook next to it for the day and took a picture of the things.

Panorama of Athens

I spent the better part of the day wandering around as well. There are random ruined things around. Also, I went through the flea markets, Placa, and the other interesting things around there.

Old buildings in Athens
Old buildings in Athens
Old building
Parthenon, I think
More old buildings
By the Temple of Zeus!
Old arch
Old arch

I’ll do some more Athens when I get back.

My flight the next morning was at 7am, so I had to get up at like 4am to take a bus to the airport. That didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore. After a couple hours of sleep I did all that. Also, I left most of my luggage in a locker in Athens and just took a day bag to Sandorini to save on luggage fees. So now I’m off to an island!

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