It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it

Back to the land from which democracy, for better or worse, spawned. So there’s a bit of an obligatory awe you’re required to feel putting things into perspective, even though what you’re really looking at is pretty worn out rocks. So maybe I’m crazy for being a little underwhelmed by the ruins, but so be it.

I’ve got another five days in Athens, so I’ll be able to take my time with things. It’s a modern city and a decent enough place to hang out, with enough to do and no problems getting decent Internet. And it being the end of the trip, I’m happy to take things a bit slower and meander about rather than make sightseeing a mission.

I don’t think I really did much the first day. Walked around the flea markets, streets, etc. Mostly worked I guess, which included a stop at Zaf Cafe Bar, which is in a group of little cafe bars in a square fairly close to where I am. I really like the ambiance of these European cafe bars in generally and totally think that we should make a more concerted effort to steal it.

Tuesday, I walked from the hostel towards the Acropolis again (which now is actually open since the strike is over), and this was an ancient library of some kind.

I hope the books were waterproof

But then I paid my 12‎€ and went up to the Acropolis. Kind of have to, right? Here are some pictures of it.

The fence is 3000 years old too

And as you can see, the Parthenon is falling apart. Pretty shoddy workmanship, if you ask me. Sometimes it makes sense to hire better quality contractors.

Pay for quality if you want it to last

This was another temple/old thing on the Acropolis.

They really liked their marble
Pretty similar view to the other day
If you squint you can see the value of the Euro

This is also the Parthenon. The side without the scaffolding on it. I hung out here watching people pose for pictures in front of it for a while. People make weird faces.

Really wanted to wear a crop top so I could call it #acroptopolis

Something I ate I don’t think was entirely vegetarian-based, so my stomach was unhappy for most of the day, which put me in a foul mood. I waited it out though, so I survived to see another day.

Wednesday I went to the National Library of Greece and worked for a couple hours in the morning. There were a lot of really old books in there (big surprise, right?). Since I don’t read Greek, I stuck to my laptop.

Then I walked up Lycabettus. I don’t know what it means, but my best guess is it’s a fancy name for “hill”.  As I walked up there was a guy who had poured out a little pile of food for like 6 different stray cats that were eating, and when I walked by they all ran into the trees. I’d like to assume they came back after I got far enough away, but it made me feel terrible.

For dinner I found Falafellas, whose falafel pitas were as good as their name is clever. So at least there is some vegetarian food here. It’s still surprisingly tough for it being such a big city.

Thursday I slept a lot. I left the hostel to go to Avocado, because I really like avocados and restaurants named after a single food. I had their avocado burger, which had avocados on it.

Friday I went to the Acropolis Museum. Essentially they took everything from the acropolis and put it in a museum, so it’s restored statues and whatnot. Pretty tricky, that way they get two entry fees.

Greece's new floors are see-through
Greece’s new floors are see-through

I had dinner at the hostel restaurant, Zampano, and had some good Gnocchi. I met a couple people from Malaysia and one guy from Spain, so we decided to go out to a rooftop bar for some drinks and views of the city. Mario and I ended up hanging out with another group of people for a bit, and it ended up being a fun night.

View of Acropolis
View of Acropolis

On the downside, I danced with the wrong girl and now have a bit of a shiner*. Just another Athens dance casualty statistic.

* I’m trying to make it sound badass like I got punched or something, but in reality she did an unexpected dip thing I was not ready for, and trying to recover and break her fall I basically dove into a stool. She was fine. Also, it’s a really small bruise. hashtag thisiswhyidontgoout

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