Kring Point State Park

The record shows I took the blows and did it my way

I went to the 1000 islands camping with dads family.  We took a long walk to get ice cream, and people were drinking a lot of those Bud Light fake margaritas.  I did not have any of them.

Kring Point State Park
This is the St Lawrence river

After that I drove down to visit my brother.  We went to Hoboken for the day and got a nice foggy view of New York.

NYC from Hoboken
It was raining like usual

Tim insisted I take a picture of this thing because he thought it was cooler.

There's a clock and boat things
There’s a clock and boat things

This is Carlos and his bakery.  I did not take this picture.  He does Cake Boss or something that is popular among teenage girls who liek to take pictures of themselves in front of the shop.  We walked in, but we did not buy anything.

Carlo's Bakery
We didn’t buy anything.

Then we went to Sona Thirteen in Hoboken to watch the World Cup final.  We got there early and occupied some good seats, taking them from people who care about the game a lot more than we did.  I was fine with it though.

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