A city of treasure buried beneath a sky of curses

I haven’t been cafe-ing as much, plus there aren’t as many opportunities to do it. But I did find a good one in Oaxaca so I feel I should mention it. It’s Café Los Cuiles, and I had breakfast here as well as some famous Oaxacan hot chocolate (made with cinnamon), and partook of their lovely setup and fast WiFi. Let’s be honest, I really just like the fast WiFi.

But here’s a pic of the nook I claimed inside:

Someone stole my seat on day 3
Someone stole my seat on day 3

The only downside is one girl who always waits on my doesn’t seem very happy. Everyone else in this entire city is friendly and happy but her. But I digress.

Oaxaca is known for having very beautiful architecture. So I took some pictures of that.

It's an old building
It’s an old building
Another old building
I’m out of captions for old churches
Weird bird ceiling
Nice street, weird birds
I swear it isn't the same one
I swear it isn’t the same one

I actually went to a couple places to keep from starving and because I become more accustomed to the place. My hostel didn’t give any clues to the area or have a map, so I was kind of own my own.

Tobaziche – I had a good zucchini, tomato, corn, and feta cheese dish here. It wasn’t fried and greasy so it made me very happy. The waiter was nice and I understood some of the words.

The coffee shop situation in Oaxaca is actually quite good from a working and drinking coffee standpoint. In addition to Café Los Cuiles, there are a couple more Starbucksy shops, Italian Coffee Company, Jaguar Yuu Cafe, and Cafe Brujula. I prefer the latter two.

On Sunday, I took one of those day trips you’re supposed to take. I was headed straight to Mitla, but the bus stopped in Tlacolula, and there was supposed to be a great Sunday market, so I decided to stop.

Cathedral in Tlacolula
Cathedral in Tlacolula

And the market was massive. Food, clothes, souvenirs, pretty much everything. I took more pictures of the people but as usual they didn’t turn out very well.  I ate a baked apple strudel thing and a rice and bean taco in an attempt to eat things in public spaces.

Nifty piggy banks
If you put coins in them they might not haunt your dreams
Colorful skulls
These will haunt your dreams either way (red turtles!?)

It was definitely worth the stop, and I probably wandered around for about an hour. And then I was back on the bus to Mitla, and then another smaller truck to Hieve el Agua. It’s one of those places with a “better in pictures” feel, as it’s overcrowded with local children playing around. But it was still pretty amazing to look at and good to get out of the cities for a bit to enjoy a view.

Hierve el Agua view
Lovely, scenic drive to the top of the thing
Hierve el Agua view
Petrified waterfall / girl with hat
Hierve el Agua view
Natural spring / treacherous cliff / mountains
Hierve el Agua view
None of the water is actually flowing
Hierve el Agua view
That’s the famous tree you’ll see in all the pictures if you Google it
Hierve el Agua
Touriests / dead children on the edge

I met some girl on the way there that wanted to stop and see a giant tree on the way back, which seemed like a silly thing to say no to. Here’s the giant tree (Arbol del Tule).

Árbol del Tule
Apparently parts of it look like animals and/or Jesus

Grabbed some fried plantains and some dinner at the cafeteria / streetish food place there before heading back to Oaxaca.

One last night at might quiet hostel and a day of work before deciding to take a trip to the beach. I’d been away from water for ages (well, almost a month anyways), so it was time. I don’t count hierve el agua.

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