Mississippi River in New Orleans at Night

And I will look down and see my murmuring bones and the deep water like wind

I went to 1000 Figs for lunch and had a falafel pita.  It had a lot of asian foods in it that I didn’t know, but I enjoyed it.  Other than that, my post-Mardi Gras activities have started and ended with sitting in the apartment with a cold and headache.  Either I’m sick, or a 4-day collective hangover is literally killing me.I’ve been drinking a lot of oolong tea with almond milk, which seems to help.  I could just buy aspirin like a normal person, but I prefer to fight this off with force of will.

For those interested in Po Boys, one of New Orleans’ famous cuisines, I would like to make a point: they are just sandwiches.  You aren’t fooling me.  You just throw things in bread and call it something different.  It is not different.  It is a sandwich.

UPDATE (this post spans 3 weeks): I found some I could get behind a bit more. Killer Po Boys, operating out of the back of the Erin Rose bar right off Bourbon (which is actually a nice bar too), came through with a legit sweet potato poor boy. Tiny room to eat in and the whole place had that divey feeling, but of course in a good way.

Killer Po Boys
Finally found the sweet potato poboy I was searching for

Buy anyways, I have not been updating because after a few weeks it just becomes life.  It’s made up of running in the morning, working a lot, and then going to a coffee shop in the evening.  I’ve gone down to the quarter a couple times and listened to blues bands, but nothing I haven’t really covered already.

I took the St Charles Street car down to Audubon Park, which made for an enjoyable leisurely stroll.

I actually went out on Friday to some of the places I wanted to be sure I went to before I left.  So I started at Bar Tonique and got 3 different cocktails: An Old Fashioned, a Rampart, and a Dark & Stormy.  It’s a quaint brick bar with bartenders who really know what they’re doing.

Bar Tonique Dark & Storm

I also went to Louisiana Pizza Kitchen and had a delicious thin crust Greek pizza.  I’d recommend going there.  Last stop was Pal’s bar more in my neck of the woods.  One of those places you need to ring the doorbell to get in, which is fun.  It was really busy, but I just sipped a drink at the bar and watched Sweet Charity on one of the TV’s.

Finally, I made it to NOMA.  It’s a nice modern art museum, and I found it a little special in the sense that they had a lot of more unique collections.  They have a few pieces of the modern art collections that you’d expect (Picasso, Monet, Miro), plus there was an around the world collection (3rd world countries mostly), the sculpture park is very cool, and then they have New Orleans art as well.


Behind NOMA is Morning Call, a beignet place in City Park.  I added it to my rotation towards the end since they had free WiFi through City Park, and I thought their beignets were better than Cafe Du Monde’s.  Fluffier, less greasy.  Anyways, go there.

And here’s a picture from my farewell stroll along the Mississippi.

Mississippi River in New Orleans at Night
Still no alligators

So yeah, good bye New Orleans.  My final day I walked through the French Market again, tried to go to the Aquarium (but it was a Saturday and the line was very long – poor planning on my part).  Honestly, I ended up working a ton this month, and while I did a bit more than I wrote about, there will be plenty for me to do on my next visit.

Now I’m at the airport, getting ready to fly into Nicaragua at 12:30am then hop in a cab and drive 45 minutes either to Granada or a place where they take kidnapped tourists.

Here’s a bonus picture of a house I liked but it’s not a very good picture.

New Orleans Architecture
New Orleans architecture at night. A dog barked at me here.

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