You can get a story from everything you touch

Found the hostel without much trouble.  Stayed in for the night, wandered around the neighborhood for a bit to get my bearings on where I am relative to the main shop area.  I more or less remember it from when I landed, and I’m not very far from the center so the location is pretty good.

I decided to go with day trips outside Copenhagen for my last couple days, so first up was Frederiksborg Palace/Castle.  It’s about a 45 minute train ride north of the city, and it has more portraits in this place than I’ve ever seen anywhere.  Mostly Christian IV and V, and this family.  I think all they did was pose for pictures.

It's another castle!
It’s another castle!

It’s on a nice lake in Hillerod, and that was the view as I approached.  It’s pretty quiet here now that tourist season is just about over.

Below is the ornate great hall.  And portraits on the wall.

Grand Hall inside the castle
Grand Hall inside the castle

And then I took a picture of the inner courtyard too.

Courtyard of the castle
Beautiful grey sky in the background

So, it was a nice castle I guess.  After roaming those halls for a while I headed back into Copenhagen for some work.  There were a number of nice coffee shops in the area where I was staying, so I grabbed one with WiFi and set up shop for a bit.

Ricco’s Coffee Shop – Good WiFi, busy place, nice atmosphere.  Worked here for a while.  Had a good $5 coffee (30 krones).

Everything is expensive in Copenhagen.  It’s one of those things where I just decided for the last couple days not to agonize over it and pay whatever things costs (it’s not like they’re cheaper or more expensive if you shop around, really).

Bronx Burgers – Had a delightful veggie burger with sweet potato fries and avocado.

Chilled in the hostel listening to some live music.  But I did only have one beer because it was so expensive.

Friday morning, my last day in Europe for now.  I took a ride up the coastline to Humlebaek, another small town in Denmark.  Arriving a half hour or so before my museum opened, I decided to walk around the beach for a bit, although it wasn’t exactly sunbathing weather.

Walked on the beach for a bit
You can sort of see Sweden if you look really hard

The main attraction here is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.  Putting outdoor things indoors is all the rage, and Olafur Eliasson’s “riverbed” display is what it sounds like.  An indoor riverbed with rocks and stuff.

Riverbed by Olafur Eliasson
Indoor-outdoors. So hot right now!

The museum is situated right on the coast, so here’s a picture from one of the windows.  I think it’s right above one that I took earlier.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art view
Water again, but this time higher.

So, it’s a modern art museum, so in addition to the Eliasson temporary display they have permanent displays from the past few decades.  Some Picasso’s and what not.  Mostly paintings, but a few sculptures and displays as well.  And then there is stuff like this.

These really spoke to me
These really spoke to me

So after my last museum experience for a while, I headed back into the city, hung out for a bit (flight wasn’t until 6:30), and did some work at another coffee shop after checking out until it was time to leave.

The flight lasted about 8 1/2 hours, and I watched Edge of Tomorrow, 500 Days of Summer, two episodes of True Detective, and listened to 3 albums.  First full plane so I couldn’t lay down or anything, but I stayed awake the whole time because I wanted to reset my internal clock anyways.

Once back in NY, 3 hours of trains got me from JFK to New Jersey where to was to pick me up (almost more annoying than the flight).

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