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I decided to AirBnb in Seattle, so I rented a Condo just off the train line between the airport and downtown Seattle in Othello. It’s about a 15 minute ride into the city and it’s much cheaper than staying directly downtown. Plus it comes with a gym, rooftop area to cook and relax, and it’s close to a couple parks to run. Overall, a pretty good location.

My sister is working on the other side of the city on Capitol Hill, so I had to help her get there a couple times. The good news is there is a Top Pot Doughnuts near our transportation switches, which is pretty delicious, albeit not healthy at all. There were a couple coffee shops, including a Starbucks, right near her work so I would generally hang out there until she was finished.

Saying “Ooh, a Starbucks” never got old and my sister didn’t get too angry at me for continuing to say it, which I was impressed about. Also, I went to like 25 different Starbucks in the area.

Also, Washington has a horrible rule where people under 21 can’t be in places where drinking is allowed. So my sister couldn’t come with me to just about anything. I had to watch World Cup games by myself and such, which I did at some downtown bars, but largely I just didn’t go out or eat at places in areas where they were serving alcohol.

VeggieGrill is pretty delicious and one of the few purely vegetarian places in downtown.

For coffeeshops besides Starbucks, the Cherry Street Coffee Houses are pretty good. So is Zeitgeist and Seattle Coffee Works.

Bauhaus Coffee – If you move outside the main part of the city a bit, you can get a little more space and some interesting surroundings. This book-lined coffee shop was a quiet treat and had a lot of people sitting and working.

Fremont Brewing Company – Grabbed a couple beers here during the Solstice festival. It was really packed and my sister couldn’t go in, so I didn’t spend a long time here. Good beer here, although I should have come back when it wasn’t so insane.

Elysian Capitol Hill Brewery – Had some good IPA’s. I think I tried two of them as part of my self-guided beer tour.

Fremont Troll – Pretty creepy troll under the bridge in Fremont. The even creepier part is we didn’t see it on purpose, and just happened to walk by it. But it’s pretty famous, and there are a lot of people taking pictures of it during the day.

Solstice Festival – Naked people in body paint riding bikes around Ballard and Fremont. Why wouldn’t we go to this? I thought it was funny; my sister was a bit disturbed.

Chittenden Locks – Took a look at the Salmon coming through the locks. A local fish enthusiast told us all about the salmon and how many were swimming around in there. Pretty sure he just sat there and watched them all day.

Seward Park – Since we were staying in an apartment South of the city in Othello, it was just a short run over to Seward Park. I would run there in the morning, job around, and watch the sunrise if I was up early enough.

Bainbridge Island – We took a day trip in the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. It was a nice day and ride over, and we had some good Chinese food there. Walked around the small town of rich people and tourists and enjoyed the good weather.

There’s no way I’ll remember a lof ot the stuff, so I’m just going to quit here and add the pictures I have.

Chihuly Garden and Glass – This museum is right by the Space Needle, and is actually really interesting. It’s basically fancy glass blowing and installations they’ve done all over the world. There was a great deal on a custom glass thing in the gift shop, only like $6100, and the glass thing was named “Cerulean Macchia“. I like it more for the name for the look, so I’ve decided to name my daughter that should I have one.

Glass flowers. This is why the bees are dying.
Glass formed into nothing in particular.
View of Seattle from GasWorks Park
View of Seattle from some other park in Capitol Hill
It smelled like fish and was super busy all the time
We’re on a boat to a thing.
Looking up at the Space Needle. We went up in it too.
View of things from the Space Needle
View of other things from the Space Needle
Whale Watching! They were mostly swimming.

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