Hilton Head Ocean

And I’m not askin’ to be loved or be forgiven

Hilton Head Island has been rather calm, as I intended.  So that works out nicely.  I was able to get a lot of work done and start trying to take the next step with the business, so I consider that productive.  However, it doesn’t make for particularly enjoyable updates here.  It’s just like, a normal blog of my life, which would be excruciating if forced to consume those pages on a regular basis.

I work, I run on the beach, I cook, I walk on the beach, I bike around, rinse and repeat.  In case you forgot from the last post, this is what a beach and ocean and sky look like.

Hilton Head Sunset
Sky (top), Ocean (left), and Beach (right) on Hilton Head

Hmm, so highlights I guess?  I finally found places that sell cigars.  So if you are in Hilton Head and are looking, check out either the Harris Teeter or “Wine & Cheese If You Please”.  I’d recommend Harris Teeter because it’s a nice grocery store and its name doesn’t make me want to shoot myself in the face.

I saw some baby seagulls.

I went to The Lodge on Thursday nights.  I liked it because they had things I could eat, and there was a bar that I could sit at and work sort of out of the way of the main bar and tables (close to the pool table room).  It gave me the feeling of sitting at a bar without the inherent social obligation.

I’d recommend Fat Baby’s Pizza and Subs.  Eggplant parm was dope.

Mellow Mushroom pizza was good too.

Oh and I lost my wallet, so if anyone finds it, please send it back.  I waited a week and then finally cancelled my cards.  Also the police are terrible here.  I called twice to ask if it had been turned in, and they transferred me to a phone that no one picked up and didn’t have a voicemail.  Then when I finally got the “evidence” lady she told me she’d check and call me tomorrow, but she never did.  Ugh.

I guess that’s all I’ve really got for you.  It’s been nice, but not NICE nice, so I didn’t try golfing or anything.  I biked around to the lighthouse, which was a lighthouse with more water and stuff.  A lot of biking around and walking on beaches, which is nice but lacks blog-worthy flair.

Oh, I went to Java Joe’s a lot to drink coffee and get out of the condo for a bit.  It was ok.  Their small coffee was an outrageous $2.25, and their pastries were even more outrageously priced.  I thought about getting them a couple times, but $3.25 for a donut?  I hate myself enough after eating donuts, let alone spending $2.50 too much for one.

Last evening walk on the beach:

Hilton Head Ocean
I like short walks to the beach and then sitting there.

And surprise, some dolphins showed up and decided to see me off.  I had only seen them like one other day a ways out, and this time there were a few that were really close.  I thought about swimming with them but the water was cold and dolphins probably wouldn’t like me anyways. :(

Hilton Head Dolphins
Dolphins swimming around and stuff.

Tomorrow I’m getting on a plane to New Orleans.  The Windy Music City of Brother Love.  Pretty sure that’s what it’s called.  They’re going to love me there ya’ll.

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