So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned.

On Friday I started off by visiting a start-up hub in the city.  Someone there gave me a tour and showed me everything that was going on.  It was alright – not as exciting as I was hoping, but still pretty cool to work in that kind of environment.

View from Codebase
Not exactly a “high tech” view.

So that was the view from the nicest office. From there, I decided to go ahead up there and take a tour of Edinburgh Castle.

Here’s a statue of William Wallace on the outside.  He’s famous for being in Braveheart and delivering epic pre-battle speeches.

A statue of Mel Gibson.

I didn’t take a picture of it, but I also got to see Scotland’s Crown Jewels.  There were tons of little museums and monuments in here (Edinburgh Castle is huge).  There was a war museum for their cavalry, war memorials, general historical museums, museums on the crown lineage, etc.  Lots of stuff to walk through, most of which I did.

Here are the rest of the pictures from Edinburgh Castle.  I’m getting lazy and I’m not going to explain each one.

Giant metal toothpicks
This view is beautiful because even on the clearest days you can’t see Belfast.
This is the front of a castle, in case you don’t know what the front of a castle looks like yet.
edinburgh-castle-view (2)
I was in one of those buildings at a start-up co-op.
Panorama of the view from Edinburgh castle.

Stopped by St. Giles Cathedral on the way back.  It’s a cool looking cathedral, but apparently not cool enough for me to take a picture of.

The “Ultimate Scotch Whiskey Experience” is right outside the castle (this is about a 5 minute walk from where I’m staying), so that was fun to look through.  I’m in a very touristy area, which I hate of course, but what can you do.  Here’s a $30k bottle of whiskey.

This scotch is a little out of my price range.

Then I went to a Lebanese Place for lunch.  Forgot the name though.  I think it started with a Z.

I wasn’t working very well, so I went to the National Gallery of Scotland instead.  They have a big display on Titian and the golden age of Venetian art, which was cool I guess.  They had more paintings of other stuff too.

And then I walked by the Sir Walter Scott monument. It’s on Princes street, which is the main shopping street in Edinburgh. It’s very confusing, because it looks like Princess Street. That isn’t really related or interesting, but I kept having to say it in my head like 3 times.

Scott Monument
Voted worlds creepiest/tallest monument to an author

After getting a bunch of work done, I went to Gurkha, a Nepalese restaurant, for dinner.  I had some rice and Aloo Kauli (seasoned potato/cauliflower) and went all “I’m a girl with Instagram” and took a picture of it for you.  I also had a beer called Cobra, which isn’t beer it’s just Cobra venom.

Gurkha Restaurant
OMG guys look at my food <3

After wandering around a few of the streets in Edinburgh at night, I finally settled on Brewdog for a drink before going to bed. It’s a craft brewery with a few locations in Europe, and I’m pretty sure I’ve had it before. It’s kind of a cool place, my favorite thing about it being this sign.

NO GIRLS! (but we do have lots of hipster dudes with beards)

So I drank my beer and then went back to the hostel, still in bed by 11.  I think half the people in my dorm are like, living there, which I haven’t seen before.  I mean, I guess it’s sort of cheap enough, but seriously people have their stuff all over the place.  Bunch of weirdos.

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