There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.

I’m staying at a small, family-run bed & breakfast in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  My own room and my own bed and my own bathroom!  But it’s a nice little place in this small town (like 25,000 people).

Here is the view from my window:

The tallest mountain in Germany.
People around here have well-manicured shrubbery

On Monday, I didn’t do a whole lot.  Wandered around the town area and its cobblestone streets, which doesn’t take very long at all.  I checked out the Olympic arena (the winter Olympics were held  here in 1936) which is right down the street, meandered through some shops, and planned some things to do the rest of the week.

Tuesday morning I got up and went for a hike up that mountain in my back yard.  I was gone for about 3 hours, and like normal, I didn’t really check the weather.  Apparently, rain.  So here’s the rainy, cloudy mountain as I walked up it.

Fine, I'll go get eaten by wolves
Fine, I’ll go get eaten by wolves

Walking up mountains is tiring, btw.  It’s basically walking up a ski slope (they have those, but no snow yet), but instead of getting to ski down, you have to walk down again.  I walked up a lot higher than this through the mountain, and I think I almost made it to Austria.

But the sun came out and I made it back down to this open slope so I took a picture with this rainbow.

Walking down the mountain
I thought about just rolling down this hill I was so wet and tired.

Here’s me using my panorama feature.

Cute little town
Next time I’m stealing a horse and riding it up the mountain

Did some laundry at a German Waschsalon, ate some pizza, and then headed back to the hotel to work.

Wednesday I woke up to more rain, and it had snowed on the mountains a little bit.  Yuck, snow.  After a couple hours of raining I decided to just go for my hike anyways, so I walked to Partnach Gorge.  Here are some pictures of this gorge.

Garmisch is Gorges
Garmisch is Gorges

Not "overcrowded with tourists" when it's 35 and raining in October.
Not “overcrowded with tourists” when it’s 35 and raining in October.

I didn't see any fish
I didn’t see any fish

There were a handful of other people walking through, but really not too many at all.  The fall colors and everything were nice too I guess.  I borrowed an umbrella from the B&B, which was helpful.

Entrance to the Gorge
Exit from the gorge.  I had no idea what I was supposed to do from here.

Rather than just walk back I walked up.  You could look down on the gorge and that was nice.  There were some bridges going over it in a few places.  I kept walking up the mountain higher until instead of raining, it was snowing.

Maybe I'll just wait and ski down
Maybe I’ll just wait and ski down

I had skipped lunch, so I ate an early dinner at Asia City (or something like that)… a real meal with tofu, rice, and vegetables.  Then I smuggled some wine back into the B&B, bit it’s a bit too sweet for my taste (that’s the risk you run when you can’t read labels).  But I’m going to drink it anyway while I work and then go to bed a little early.

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