You city people are children of the moment

Here we go again, the road beckoning. After a couple days in NYC (I stayed in the Upper West Side for the first time), I took a flight to Helsinki via Stockholm. In the Stockholm airport a simple coffee was nearly $5 (which was greatly desired after a red eye), which I didn’t to survive without, but I’m going to judge all prices moving forward in terms of Stockholm airport coffee.

Helsinki has a certain dreariness I find appealing. I didn’t really do any research or know what to expect, but it’s quiet, the public transportation is good, it’s surrounded by water, and the coffee shops look promising.

There is a big main square (Senate Square), with this cathedral at the top.

Cathedral at Senate Square
Such a beautiful day

I spent some more time wandering around. “Downtown” Helsinki is actually rather small and flat, so it’s very walkable. I wandered around into this harbor area and found a nice coffee shop with outdoor seating.

Harbor near Helsinki
It was too chilly to sit outside though

It’s one of those places that I could work. Funky interior with nice seating, and the projection of the menu is pretty cool. Plus they made Flat Whites, which are my fancy coffee of choice.

Johan & Nyström
Johan & Nyström

Near that I found the love lock bridge. Every city seems to have one, so I found the Waldo in Helsinki.

Love locks in Helsinki
I hope they love grey skies

Here’s looking the other way at the cool cathedral, and the coffee shop is on the left. There’s a restaurant and a shop down there too.

Church in Helsinki
Uspenskin katedraali or Uspenskijkatedralen according to my map. I obviously prefer the latter.

This was one of those main park walkways in downtown Helsinki. I don’t really know what the tree thing is. Maybe it’s a Dr. Seuss thing? I don’t know about the statue either. Maybe it’s a famous person?

Statue in Helsinki
Even the trees need to wear warm clothes here

And then on Sunday I road the ferry over to Suomenlinna Sveaborg. Which I believe translates to “sea fortress” or “shitty castle”. It’s basically four small, connected islands that was used as a military area. It had some big guns on it and a lot of brick.

Suomenlinna Sveaborg
Walls, water, trees, bridges
Suomenlinna Sveaborg
Finland’s largest beach. About 3 people can fit on it.
Suomenlinna Sveaborg
These are for shooting things at boats. Or maybe birds, but probably boats.
Suomenlinna Sveaborg
Not exactly a lavish summer home
Suomenlinna Sveaborg
Who doesn’t like tunnels?

Since I had a full day tram and bus pass, I decided to ride across town and go to a coffee shop on the water. Because that’s what you do when you’re in a weird city, spend an hour running around to eat a blueberry cake in the rain.

But Cafe Regatta was a really nice place. The actual shop was more like a large shed, but it has tons of outdoor seating overlooking the water. I can never seem to find places to relax and drink a coffee right on the water, but finally there’s one here. So if I stayed here, I would go to this place a lot.

They even had some fires going and tents, so you could stay warm and/or dry if you fancied. I did not, fancy, however.

Cafe Regatta View
Cafe Regatta View

There was a couple in my dorm room from Tallinn, so I got a bunch of local advice on the area. Their English was really good, so that’s promising.

And on the way to the docks to take the ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, there’s a nice little farewell/welcome message from the Finnish tourism board.

Lovely art installation
Lovely art installation

And now I’m on a 2-hour ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. Pretty short really.

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