Climb every mountain, ford every stream

Salzburg is a smaller city in Austria with a lot of good day trips from it, so I decided to stay here a bit longer.  Should allow me to relax a bit and catch up on work as well.  There’s an Aldi (Hoger) right across the street, plus the hostel/hotel is attached to a mall with a grocery store in it, so I’m able to eat a little more normally again.

I got a Salzburg card which lets me use the transport and see stuff for “free” for the next 3 days (the cart costs money).  My first stop was the Hohensalzburg Fortress.  I took a lift up there, which kind of looked like Space Mountain and Disney World, except slower.

The view was nice.  They also had a creepy puppet museum that I walked through… quickly.

A fortress with wifi. That's my kind of fortress.
A fortress with wifi. That’s my kind of fortress.

I walked through the rest of the old town area, saw the Salzburg Cathedral and St. Peter’s Abbey.  Probably should have taken more pictures of things, but oh well.  The view from the Salzach river are very nice as well, which I have to cross whenever getting to the old town.

Monday night I bought a 3€ bottle of Merlot and drank it while half working and half watching The Sound of Music (they play it a lot here).

Tuesday morning I decided to peruse the nearby Alps.  Or really, I went on an Alp I guess.  Untersberg to be exact (it’s between Austria and Germany).  I took a cable car up to the top and hiked around for an hour or two.  There were clouds in the way a lot of the time, but at least it didn’t rain.

I've got my head in the clouds
I’ve got my head in the clouds
Now my head is not so much in a cloud
Now my head is not so much in a cloud
Salzburg from farther up than before

After that, I met up with someone staying at the hostel and we went to the Stiegl brewery.  With the cart we got a free tour and tastings, so that’s what we did.  Their beer tasted like pretty normal beer.  Nothing to write home about, but their name is fun to say.  Their beer garden was very nice though.

As in "Smeagol" from LOTR, except with a "t" instead of an "m"
As in “Smeagol” from LOTR, except with a “t” instead of an “m”

Went back to the hostel, worked for a while, cooked some spaghetti (with leftovers for 2 more meals), then cracked open some of the worst whiskey I’ve ever tasted and continued working for a little while.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so I’m just going to work most of the day.  Maybe a little Mozart Museum in the morning.

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