Isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?

Just a quick stop in Vienna for the weekend. Went to bed early on Friday, then Saturday I had to get a lot of work done that I had been putting off (unfortunately, since this is a quick weekend trip). That meant I was just able to wander down to the main square and back, and otherwise did not do any exploring.

Saturday night I didn’t have much energy, but me and 3 other guys from our hostel room decided to go down to the hostel bar and play some pool and have a couple drinks. We had a good time, and must have won some kind of diversity award (me, a Kiwi, Mexican, and Malaysian living in UK). I had some of the local Swedish beer, which was ok.

Sunday was my big sightseeing day since I had to cram it all in one. I got a day pass for the metro (which is very easy to figure out in Vienna), and jumped around to all the major attractions. Basically, old buildings.

I’m sad to report that I did not go into the art museums (the costs on those add up, and after you’ve seen a few of these, the rest aren’t all that much different), and I didn’t go to any classical music concerts either. Next time I guess. so I didn’t do a very good job in Vienna.  Here is what I did visit:

Front of the palace
It looks like a honeycomb

This was probably the coolest place, Schönbrunn Palace.  Very cool building, lots of gardens all around it where I wandered around and sat for a while.

In back, there were more manicured gardens for a better view:

Rich people like gardnes
Rich people like gardens

And those lead to Gloriette, which I didn’t take a picture of, but I did take several pictures from.  It’s a bit of a hike up there (which I opted take through the woods), but it’s a nice view:

View of Vienna from the thing that is higher than the other stuff
View of Vienna from the thing that is higher than the other stuff

This is Hofburg Palace, which I walked around, but did not go in.  Lots of important people slept in there from time to time.

Hoburg palace?
Hoburg palace?

And I did walk around the musuem quarter, saw a lot of cool statues, and admired a lot of interesting architecture.  If I had more time, I would have purchased one of those all-access passes to see all the museums.  But I didn’t have the time, so I didn’t buy one.  And sorry Mr. Klimt, but I’m not paying 15€ to see “The Kiss”, although I did walk by the Belvedere and it was cool looking.

And I did all that in like 6 hours. Ended up jumping on an earlier train to Salzburg.  I’m staying a bit out of the city and staying 7 days, as I plan to relax.  Buy some real food, maybe.

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