Even Beethoven had his critics. See if you can name three of them.

The first night I went to Charlie’s Bar with a guy from my hostel in Sarajevo, which was fun. The next night I went to Caffe Bar Mosquito to have some coffee, a beer, and get some work done. Similar to Iceland in that their coffee shops turn into bars, which is kind of cool. I’m mostly working, so not a whole lot of sightseeing is accomplished each day.

Room with a view
Room with a view

There’s a huge park just west of the city called Marjan. It’s quite a hike up there, but it has a nice view in every direction to see the city/water/islands, etc. These pictures are from the top platform kind of in the middle of the park.

View from Marjan
Cool giant cross
View from the top of Marjan
View from Marjan
So many steps to climb
View from Marjan
Decent views

On the north side of the park it’s a little bit more private – no homes and such. You can swim here or do whatever. I saw a crab, but we didn’t talk.

Coastline of the park
Terrible place to try and hide.
Coastline of the park
Some cool rocks, trees, water, and then that’s an island.
Old Town Split
Diocletian’s Palace inside the Split walls.
Old Town Split
Cathedral of Saint Domnius

I also did some laundry. And grocery shopping! I actually got to sit in my apartment and scramble an egg and eat normal food. I know, my life is so exciting.

The walled inner city is like a maze. This is a typical street. I’ve been there every day, at least once or twice, and every day I get lost. But it’s small, so I just kind of walk in random circles until I find the area of coffee shops that I’m looking for. It isn’t terribly taxing of course, but I do feel like I’m constantly weaving through sketchy alleys.

Watch out for Minotaur

I met a friend from Sarajevo at To Je To with a couple people he met where he was staying (honestly this works out perfectly, sustaining my freedom while still having some social interaction by piggybacking on friends traveling in the same direction). We had a few drinks there, then hopped around town a bit and had a drink or two elsewhere.

On Friday, I decided to take the morning and go to Hvar, an island off the coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea. After a couple hour ferry ride, then a 30 minute bus ride to the cool city, I randomly bumped into someone I had met the other night and had a coffee with him. Then I looked at this Franciscan Monastery in Hvar Town.

I don't think the scaffolding is part of it
I don’t think the scaffolding is part of it

Following that, I trekked up to the Fortress that overlooks the small town. There wasn’t much to see there, but the view was nice.

View from the Fortress
View from the Fortress
I dunno, a church thing
Church thing near the fortress
Another view of the fortress
Another view of the fortress
Peasant watch
Watching the peasants

It isn’t exactly easy to get around the island, so I just walked a lot through a couple different parks and along the coastline. I took a break for some food and to sit on the rocks.

Rocky coastline
Rocky coastline

After that, I continued down the road and bumped into the two guys from Denver that I had met like 3 days ago. Being an enjoyable bunch, I decided to join them for a swim at the beach nearby. The water was a bit chilly and salty, but it was refreshing.

We than drank some cheap wine that they had stored in a 2L plastic bottle (pretty legit), then went back to town for a beer and for me to catch my bus back. Which is what I did.

On the bus ride back to the ferry terminal
Back on the boat
Boat at dusk. Cool, haven’t said “dusk” in a while

Haven’t used the word “dusk” in a while and I was glad I could fit that in there.

Tomorrow I am on my way to Dubrovnik. I might try to stop on the way, but either way I’m going to take a relaxing morning before heading out.

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