Everything you look at can become a fairy tale

So my flight was moved back a day due to “technical difficulties” so I had basically two days in New York.  Since I didn’t have a whole lot else to do, I decided to ride around on the subway for most of the day, while doing some work.

The flight was a bit more “budget” than the one I took to London.  It didn’t come with a blanket and pillow.  Very disappointing.  I was sitting next to a cute girl, but there was an open row where I could lay down and sleep, so I snagged that right at the beginning of the flight.  Priorities, ya know?

The Copenhagen train system is very easy, and I found my hostel without an issue (arrived around 1pm).  It was a small place, but pleasant, and in one of those artsy neighborhoods where if you stood still long enough in a clean shirt you’d probably get graffitied.

I worked for a couple hours, then realized I was low on battery.  Most of my day was spent trying to get a US to European outlet adapter.  I did not get one.  But I did walk through the main drag of Copenhagen with all their shops and whatnot and saw a lot of those things that people like to see.  Then I went to bed early, because sleeping on the plane was not super effective.

I ventured out once again the next morning to find my charger.  But nothing opens until 9:30 or 10 in Denmark, so I wandered around for a while first.  I met a duck in a park that did not seem to believe me when I said I did not have any bread.

I also went to the The National Gallery of Denmark, Rosenburg Castle, and the Botanical Gardens that morning.

Anyways, I found a charger.  Yay! But people kept talking to me like I understood Dutch.  I either need to learn Dutch or buy a USA sweatshirt.  But I can’t find any here.  They all say “Denmark” or “Copenhagen.”

I took the scenic route back and went by a tower with an art exhibit in it.  I didn’t really know what it was, so this is the thing I took a picture of.  It was weird blocks.  The other exhibit was from the secret Stasi facilities during the cold war.  Not as interesting as the blocks and weird sheep.

It was called pixel something because they are blocks
It was called pixel something because they are blocks

I walked by Christiansborg Palace and some other famous stuff I should have taken pictures of instead of those blocks.  Then I walked down Nyhavn since it has been my wallpaper for the past month.  It looks like the wallpaper.  You can buy a beer and walk down the docks, but I didn’t do that because I’m not a sucker.

The happiest country on earth, except for this lady
The happiest country on earth, except for this lady

I didn’t really buy anything, including food, because 1) Copenhagen is expensive and 2) Krones are like 6:1 to dollars, which makes things seem expensive.  I don’t like paying 50 of something for anything, especially lunch (even though it’s less than $10).

Also, everyone in Copenhagen bikes everywhere.

I went back to the hostel and got a bunch of work done.  They have a 2 for 1 happy hour to encourage social interaction, so I just orderd 2 beers and double-fisted while I worked for an hour.  There were a bunch of people in there doing some kind of photoshoot that was supposed to be artsy but I’m sure was actually just garbage.

At around 11pm I decided I didn’t want to try to take an 8-10 hour train+ferry ride to Berlin, so I booked tickets on a 7am flight to Berlin and went to bed.

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