I do not allow that a being gifted with thought and will can allow himself to despair

Reykjavik is a small city with a townish feel, so it’s not as if there’s an absolute ton to do here. So I’ve predominately spent my time working, actually getting things done on time that is, and almost getting ahead a bit as I look to do more traveling over the next few weeks.  Don’t want to start that from behind.  So this is largely a story of working in Reykjavik.

Mornings I generally get up around 8 and spend a couple hours at the computer before heading down to Kaffitár.  Good wifi, good coffee, not so busy as I can’t get a place to sit but not so quiet so I’m the only one sitting there.

Back to the apartment for lunch and a bit more work, then over to another coffee shop.  On Thursday it was the Laundromat Cafe again.  On Friday I sent to a different one, but it was rubbish, so they’re lucky I forgot their name.

But this is what the Laundromat Cafe looks like.

Productivity 101
Productivity 101

After that, I’ll sometimes head back for a bit or go for a walk, but I eventually make my way to Stofan Cafe.  Like every other place, it’s a cafe durin the day that also serves beer.  Two stories, their basement floor is cozy and awesome so I hang out here and work.  Here’s a picture of what that looks like.

This is a caption
This is a caption

On Friday night for dinner I went to the Lebowski Bar.  The burger wasn’t exactly exhilarating (it sucked), but the beer I ordered with it was cheap so overall I was at least happy that my dinner and beer didn’t cost me a fortune ($14 or so total).  Cool interior though, and they had a good whiskey selection and nice Icelandic beers on tap. I’ll forgive the bad veggie burger they undoubtedly heated up and slapped mayonnaise on.

Later Friday I wandered the streets a bit, taking in what is referred to as “the nightlife” and theoretically wanting to be a part of it while also being fully aware that actually being a part of it didn’t interest me in the slightest.

The tour I had signed up for the guy told me there was a reasonable chance it would be cancelled.  I kind of counted on that, didn’t do much prep, etc, and when I went down to get on the bus apparently it wasn’t cancelled.  So on this horribly rainy day, I set out to see the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It’s the glacier they go down to the center of the earth in in Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Here are mostly just pictures:

We were supposed to see seals here. We didn’t.
This is a popular postcard when the weather isn't terrible.
This is a popular postcard when the weather isn’t terrible.
house, cliff, mountain, glacier
I’d consider moving here and starting a sheep farm.
a cool water and rock thing
The cliff walls here are frequently not well fortified
It splashes up this wall crevice thing.
Another pocket of wonder
cliffs of not moher
The cliffs of not moher
water and cliff
I could have died taking this picture if I slipped.
kissing rocks
Now kiss
misty cliffs of not moher closer up
Mistier cliffs of not moher closer up
back of rocks situated like a viking
These are rocks piled into Viking form. How a viking would probably do art.
lava field
A mossy lava field.
coolish shoreline
Shoreline thing.
Beach! Ugh, forgot my sunscreen.

In the 40s a ship crashed off shore and 15 people died. They started cleaning up the wreckage, but it just kept coming, so they decided to just forever leave it on the beach as a memorial.

lazy shipwreck
aka they were lazy
lava fields I guess
More lava fields I guess

We saw a lot of sheep and horses too.  And waterfalls.  They have waterfalls coming off the mountains everywhere.

My last night at the Airbnb I just grabbed a beer over at Stofan, worked on my computer for a bit, and called it a night early. Not what you’re supposed to do in Reykjavik, but whatever.  Sunday I just walked around for a while and checked into my hostel for the last night. Pretty awesome space: Kex Hostel.

Kex hostel
Kex hostel

Also, there’s an Icelandic Santa that will send you a letter and gifts and such.  He’s got a special mailbox on the main drag.

Santa lives in Iceland
He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re wet (all the time).

I’m skipping the Blood Moon tonight because I’m tired and it’s supposed to be cloudy.  Plus I have an entire tub of yogurt to eat that I can’t take on the plane tomorrow.  Priorities.

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