Cover your crystal eyes And let your colours bleed and blend with mine

Finally back to this great cesspool into which all the loungers and idlers are irresistibly drained.  My main goal this weekend was to try to get some work done and survive jet lag. I was marginally successful.

I hardly spent any money, just walked through the Portobello Market for a bit on Sunday and got some Venezuelan burrito sandwich thing.  Walked through Kensington Gardens and saw all the expensive houses and consulates/embassies, and strolled through the main part of London a bit too.  But mainly relaxed and caught up on some Netflix.

I did go to the Marble Arch, because I didn’t think I had done that yet.  And walking through the main tourist with all the expensive London shops was something I hadn’t done much of before as well.  I did London about as cheaply as one can for three days, mostly just parking myself in coffee shops for Americanos and WiFi.

Planning to get to the airport wasn’t really something that I bothered with, but it turned out just fine.  I’d never been to Gatwick before, but my flight to Reykjavik flew out of there, so I had to take a train for almost an hour to get down there.  Pretty relaxing though.

After a two hour flight I arrived in Reykjavik and didn’t have any trouble getting my AirBnB for the next few days.  Great location right in the middle of downtown.  I should really actually go out sometime, as it’s pretty convenient.  But I’m just thrilled to sleep in an actual bed after the hostel beds, and have a reliable place to work from.

A view, bed, table, and a sectional? So fetch.
A view, bed, table, and a sectional? So fetch.

I had dinner at The Laundromat Cafe right down the road, which is a really cozy cafe/bar/restaurant.  A bit expensive for the coffee so I’ll probably check around a bit, but it seems like a place that I can hide in a corner and work if I need to get out of the apartment for a while.

Worked for a while at a coffee shop called Kaffitar.  Had a beer at another cafe named Konsull later Tuesday night.  It seems most of these places are coffee shops in the morning then turn into places that sell beer and wine in the evenings, which actually seems kind of nice to me.  Maybe if I stayed around for a couple more hours it would turn into a rager.

Wednesday morning I finally took a walk around the city.  Given my convenient downtown location, I’m just a couple blocks away from Harpa concert hall and conference center.  It’s nifty looking.

Darth Vader’s Helmet

Harpa is right on the shoreline, which has rocks, water, and a mountain in the background.  Don’t believe me? I have a picture.


This is a little ways down walking from Harpa to Sun Voyager.

More rocks
More rocks

This is the Sun Voyager statue. It’s been relatively ineffective the past couple days in its pursuit of the sun.

Sun Voyager
Looks like a boat but it is not seaworthy

This is Hallgrimskirkja, which apparently is a word. It’s also a Church.  It might also be a spaceship.

The clock is loud

Here are some views form the top of the Church.  Not the most amazing skyline, but the houses are unique and colorful and the water and mountains in the distance make for a good view.

Pic 3
If you really squint you might see a whale jumping
Pic 1
Just took a picture so I knew where to walk when I got back down.

I didn’t take a picture of it, but they have a Dunkin Donuts here! Pretty nice place, roomy interior. But I’m going to work pretty much the rest of the day, maybe hit a coffee shop for my $4 coffee and some ambiance, fight through my head cold, and try to plan out what I’m doing before catching a flight to the other side of the island on Sunday.

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