Kilenny Picture from Road

I want to take shelter from the poison rain

There are really only a few things to see in Kilkenny, so I figured I might as well get up and see them.  I went up to see St. Candice’s Cathedral and Black Abbey.  Unfortunately, they were both closed so I just kind of walked around like an idiot.

St Candice's Cathedral
I wanted to climb the tower but it was closed.

Black Abbey was cool looking too.  But you know, I’ve seen a lot of abbeys and cathedrals at this point so I think you get the idea.  They’re old, pretty, and sad stuff probably happened in them.

Then I got to Kilkenny Castle.  It was a big castle.  Here’s the entrance.  It has a huge field in back as well that was pretty cool (where I’m standing).

Kilkenny Castle
This landed on Kenny in a South Park episode, a la Wizard of Oz.

I took a tour of the inside, but pictures weren’t allowed.  Ha! I get it all to myself.  You can have a picture of the other side of the castle though.

Kilkenny castle front
Buy one castle get a fountain free

Oh, and I had taken a picture of it as I was approaching it too.  It’s kind of cool actually, that the town is situated right around the castle.  As I was wandering the streets the night before looking for a place to stay and/or enjoy a beverage, I passed the road leading to the castle several times.  It’s this same bridge I took the picture from the next morning.

Kilenny Picture from Road
I took this scenic walk up the River Nore.

So yeah, that’s what there was to see in Kilkenny.  The castle was really neat, even though the lady at the desk made me watch the video before going in.  Which was worse than the videos I previously watched on my own volition.  But oh well.

Then I took the bus from Kilkenny to Dublin again.  Backkk to Dublin.  I worked the rest of the day, then went for a walk through Temple Bar again (now that it wasn’t so crazy) and got a drink there.  I stayed on the North side of the city this time, so I got to see more of that.  It was much more reasonably priced than all the tourist areas, and I got an awesome Thai rice & veggie curry from Hot Wok Noodle Bar.  That’s the one thing about bigger cities – they have a little more suitable variety when it comes to food options for vegetarians (and people in general).  A lot of the touristy cities are all about shoving full Irish breakfasts, traditional Irish pub food, lots of meats, and fish and chips down your throat.  All I want is some rice, a burrito, or a slice of pizza once in a while.

Woke up and stashed my luggage for the day and walked around Dublin a bit more.  Browsed the North end in more detail, then ended up down at the National Gallery of Ireland.  Yeah, more art.  They had lots of cool stuff, but here’s a Picasso they had.

still life Picasso
Unsurprisingly, he painted this when he was 4 years old

I stopped by James Fox to pick up some birthday presents for myself, including a nice Cuban Cigar and some high-quality Irish Whiskey.  I also bought a cheap pair of swimming trunks because my hotel the next couple nights has a pool.  Not at the same place, though.  They are bluish green, but that isn’t important.

Then I took the DART railed train system from central Dublin out to Sutton where my hotel was.  I think this makes the millioninth form of transportation I’ve taken so far (plane, walking, bus, double decker bus, ferry, taxi, bike, train, camel).

One rule for Ireland should be don’t walk anywhere.  I walked almost two miles down the Sutton coast to a beers of the world shop and picked up this cool Icelandic porter.

Einstok Icelandic Beer
I want to go to Iceland, and I like these colors, and I like toasted porters.

And then, as I walked out of the shop, it started to rain.  You’d think I would have learned by now, but I haven’t.  So I got to walk the two miles back to the hotel in the rain.  I’m used to it, so no big deal, but still.

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