We’re still pioneers, we’ve barely begun. Our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us.

After picking dad up at the airport around 7am, we had about 2 hours to burn before we could go to the Blue Lagoon.  I decided to drive the peninsula the long way and check out the coastline, and then we arrived in Grindavik and got coffee while we waited.  The owner of the coffee shop, Bryggjan, was as nice as he was adverse to putting vowels in the name of his business.  He gave us some local tips to see some cool things.

And then we went to the Blue Lagoon. I had splurged for the premium package so I got a towel and cool stuff to put on my face and a free drink.  So we hung out in the geothermal hot spring, drank a beer, and relaxed.  Pretty good for after a long flight.  Touristy of course, but a fun experience nonetheless.

On our way back through, we checked out one of the “off the beaten path” places the man at Bryggjan had suggested.  It was a line of volcanoes that were misting and had cool moss-covered lava rocks.

Had to off-road it like bosses
View from the top of the volcano

After a scenic drive back to Reykjavik, I gave my dad a tour of the basics and then we grabbed lunch at a small cafe.  Had some good vegetarian chili.  Then we took on the Golden Circle.

Þingvellir National Park was the first stop, and there’s a lot to see there. Þingvellir is actually where the tectonic plates are breaking apart, and you can tell by the rocks and stuff.

Dad for scale
Typical Iceland picture

And this is the crater lake that dad was obsessed with because he saw it on an ancient alien Sci Fi show. In his defense, it was clearly created by aliens.

But we didn’t see any

We hiked around the button, but this is what it looks like from the top.

You can see where the space ship comes out of.

And we went to Geysir and Strokkur, highlights of he Golden Circle in Iceland.  It goes off every 4 minutes or so, and we saw it go a few times.

Probably should have taken a video of it.
This is water shooting in the air
This is when water is not shooting in the air
Money and an underground river cave, my two favorite things in the world

I actually uploaded the pictures in backwards order, but whatever. This is Gulfoss. It’s a waterfall that looks cool, but a lot of the pictures you’ll see is when it’s frozen. This is when it’s not frozen.

Waterfall from a long ways away.
Waterfall from closer.
Above the waterfall or something.

So that was exciting.  The next day we came back and went to Seljalandsfoss. Pretty sure it’s Seljalandsfoss at least. We had our Maid of the Mist ponchos so we were pretty legit and were able to walk behind the waterfalls and everything.

Surprise, a waterfall in Iceland
This is from behind the waterfall looking at the bright blue sky on another beautiful Iceland day.
This is also from behind the waterfall because I don’t take vertical photos.

A short hike down the path, which most people don’t go to, is the Gljúfrabúi  waterfall. It’s probably cooler in my opinion. Here it is.

Oh nevermind yes I do take vertical photos.
This is the bottom in the cave thing.
Standing under the waterfall
Straight up from the cave.

So this one is Skogafoss.  We also got unnecessarily close to this one.

Very very wet.
Path halfway up the stairs.
View from the top.
Jumped over a fence into sheep territory to get a picture farther up.

There’s a plane crash on the beach in the South of Iceland. They decided to just leave it there, and it was off the beaten path a bit but we found it on the black sandy beach.

Glad my flight went better than this.
This is a closer up crashed plane.
Dad is an astronaut
Not the greatest for sunbathing.
This is me by the plane.

Then we went to the coast and found this. I forgot what it was called.

Waves crashing into rocks.
Here are some rainy cliffs.
Rocks with a hole in it that water comes through.

Then we went to the actual black beach, which was extremely windy. My pictures didn’t turn out so well because it was so wet, but you can see some cool basalt columns and an angry ocean.

Those rocks are famous or something.

The next day we saw guess what? More waterfalls! I think this was Svartifoss.

We actually had to hike to see this one. Like an hour.
From a bridge looking at a waterfall.
Waterfall up close with the basalt columns.

Jokull Glacial Lagoon is like the glacier gateway to the ocean. You can go on boats and stuff like this, but it was cold so that seemed a little bit unnecessary. But it was fun to walk around.

Blue frozen water.
More blue water and frozen water.
Yukon Cornelius and Hermey road on one of those.
This is why the polar bears are dying.

Then we had to drive to the guesthouse. But I had it wrong. So we drove 30 minutes past what I thought was the guesthouse, drove 30 minutes back to what I thought was the guesthouse, but it wasn’t (but it did have a cute Icelandic receptionist), and then 30 minutes back to where we were originally to find he actual guesthouse.

We met a nice couple traveling with their mother (they were from the Netherlands) in the guesthouse and talked to them for quite a while.  That was nice.

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